Saturday, June 25, 2011


I slept in an airport, hopefully the only time I'll have to do that. Since we got in so late last night, the metro had stopped so we had to wait to change airports for this morning. We flew into Haneda in the south part of Tokyo and our next flight leaves from Narida, in the north part of Tokyo. We took the metro up here and left at 6am, which wasn't bad because we had already been up for hours. (I only slept about 2 hours that was my "nap time" back in SC.)
On the metro ride here, we were above ground for the first and last parts so I got to see a lot of Tokyo from a distance. The buildings are tall and its about one on top of the other. They aren't what you would consider pretty because some are old, and some are newer and its a really random combination. Some of the houses have roofs that remind me of half of a clay pot. I saw, i don't know what the correct term would be, but gardens of rice everywhere that were in water. I also saw two cemeteries that were small and the tombstones were tall and skinny and the are that they were in was really small also.
Everything here is written in four languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English and about every person we need to ask for help or directions (which has happened quite often so far) speaks enough English to help us. I'm worried about them understanding us because of our southern accent but they seem to be able to fine.
Of course we had to eat McDonalds for lunch for one last meal before flying to Korea. I know, not very original but the choices were that and sushi so you know which one won ;)
I'm having a fun time so far, not as boring as it might sound. I'm getting to know the other girls I am with, which is a good thing because we are spending the next 5 weeks together 24/7 so I need to know them before the total immersion. Next time I write, I'll be in Incheon, South Korea :) and I'm so excited to finally get there so I can shower and go to sleep for a few hours.

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