Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 2

Breakfast today was a little different than what I am used to. I had a tortilla (think potato omlette), fruit, and a pastry. I also met the other 3 girls that are in my group. Then we went and toured Tandem. It is a small school, but the inside is beautiful. It has a courtyard with all kinds of plants with tables and chairs. This is definitely going to be a place where I study. Then we went and toured Madrid. We went to a Walmart equivalent with 6 floors! They have everything I will ever possibly need. Then we ate an early lunch around 1. We had samples of a lot of tapas but I don't even know what I ate. There was this ranch potato thing, salad, seafood sandwiches (?), potato casserole, and a lot of ham and cheese. I decided if I don't like anything else, I can live of ham and cheese sandwiches for the next 3 months. Everything here is so expensive, but since it is in euros, it looks reasonable until you convert it to to dollars. I bought a bottle of water at the restaurant for 2 euros, which is about 3 bucks. There are also souvenir shops everwhere. I haven't bought anything yet because I don't have anywhere to put the stuff until I get to my host home. We got back to the hotel and now it is time for a siesta-afternoon nap. We are going on a bus tour of Madrid later tonight so hasta luego...

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