Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 4

Yesterday, we went and learned the metro and bus systems. I know that I live where the gray line and blue line meet, but that is about all I know. It is going to be quicker for me to take the bus to school rather than take the metro. If I do decide to take the metro, I would have to take a bus to a metro station because the nearest one is about a 15 minute walk. We all have bus passes for all of September, but since it is still August, we have to buy a pass (one euro each way) everytime we get on the metro or a bus. We practiced by taking the metro to all of our houses because we would have to know where to go when we moved in today. My room is smallish. Think dorm room size. I have a bunk bed (which I don't have to share with anybody), a desk, a small table and a wardrobe. I have most of my things unpacked but I just have a few small things that I need to find a place for. In Spain, lunch is eaten at around 1 or 2. My senora, Luz Rivera, is very nice. She cooked noodles with tuna. We also had carpiccio (?) which I do not recommend. It is an Italian dish that is basically raw beef slices with a mayonaise and mustard sauce. I feel bad because I only had one bite. Then she kept offering me more things. Then for dessert, I had coco yogurt. Coco is coconut and not chocolate, just for the record. Senora Luz is very sweet. She speaks only a dozen or so words of English which is good because I will be forced to speak Spanish. But I have to ask her to repeat a lot of things because I don't understand her. Real Spaniards speak way faster than I thought. I am lucky if I catch a main word. Then I can at least guess what she is saying. Something that I really like about Spain is that siestas (afternoon naps) are normal. I can sleep for an hour or two and that is perfectly okay. And that is what I am going to do now.

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