Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 5

So last night I blew out the power. Not once but twice. Apparently I can't use my power strip. Then today I was late for class because I was trying to be nice and wait on this guy that was going to school with me but it turns out he didn't have to be there at the same time as me. I arrived at the bus stop just as one was leaving then had to wait 15 minutes for another one to come by. Then 10 minutes on the bus then walk 10 minutes. I will have to start leaving a little earlier than I thought. It didn't matter though because they were giving an oral test one at a time so I got to go last. My first class is going to be a different class tomorrow because they put me in a class that focuses on speaking rather than listening. Then we studied irregular present tense verbs in my second class so I felt like I was in Spanish 1 again but it will hopefully get more advanced. There were English (from England), German, Italian, and Polish students in my class, although most of them are in their middle 20s. Lunch was wonderful. I had zucchini soup (sounds awful but it is really good), and these cheese and ham fried ball things that were wonderful. Estoy llena. I found out that Tandem, my school, plans trips for the students all the time. They do outings about 4 times a week so I should get to see a lot of places in Spain. Electives don't start for about another month, so right now I am done with classes at 1. Then, Erica and I have to take the DELE although I don't know why. We are the only Americans taking it. We have to take another grammar class in addition to the two we are already taking and the art and education one that start next month. The DELE is a test given by the Spanish government that says that someone is proficient in the Spanish language and understands the culture. I would not normally take it but Lander requires it. I am about used to the schedule. In Spain, lunch is eaten around 2 or 3 and supper is eaten at 9 or 10. And there is fruit for dessert. Nightlife doesn't start until 11 or so and ends at 4 in the morning. I can not be out that long and be at class at 9 the next morning.

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