Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 41

I met with my intercambio person today. It is a program where a native English who is learning Spanish and a native Spanish speaker who is learning English are paired together. She showed me around an area of Madrid called Tribunal. I had never been there before and it was really cool. I saw the oldest pharmacy in Madrid. We talked a lot. She has a little lisp so I could understand most of what she said, but sometimes I had to get her to repeat something 3 times. It was kind of funny. And she speaks really quiet. Her name is Elena and she is studying cinematograhpy. We will meet again next week, but I like her a lot. She is on the same level of English that I am on Spanish, so we feel each other's frustrations. We went to a restaraunt. Then I turned around, and there were 2 dogs just sitting right beside me. Elena said that wasn't normal but the owner was picking up food so the dogs were in the restaraunt for about 10 minutes just sitting there or wandering around. There are several other things I have noticed here. Trash is picked up at 2 in the morning because there is hardly any traffic at that time. And it is very loud. Also, when someone tells you to be somewhere at a certain time, coming 15 minutes late is still early (unfortunatly, school does not work like that). I am slowly starting to notice little things that I want to remember so if any of this is weird, I apologize.

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