Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 61

I have 5 minutes left at this internet cafe, so lets see how fast I can type. We left Madrid on Saturday and flew into Rome. We left Rome the next day and flew into Venice. We spend the night there one night, and we are now in Florence for two nights. Next, we go to Rome for the remainder of this vacation. We have taken so many buses and trains and airplanes, and I am sick and tired of public transportation. Italy is a little less organized and dirtier than Spain, but I still like it (even though I prefer madrid). We took a gandola (sp?) ride last night and it was so much fun. Well, times up, but I will write again and give more details next time. BTW, for the last few days, I have had some kind of pasta or pizza for lunch and Italian ice cream for supper. I could get used to this. Hasta Luego.

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