Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 45

The study abroad director and his wife took Erica and me out to eat on Tuesday. We went to Mercado de la Reina and had tapas. Erica and I would have been on time except for the fact that I can't read a map. I need to go back to second grade. On Thursday, Matt made nachos and we went to a place near his house and had a "tex-mex night." It was fun. Then yesterday, we went to Vips to eat and to plan what we wanted to do today. We decided to go to Cuenca. Cuenca is this cute little town about 2 or 2,5 hours from Madrid. We left by bus at 10 and got there at 12. We went to see the casas colgadas (hanging houses). These houses literally hang off the cliff. It was beautiful!! We walked across a bridge and I wouldn't have walked over it if I had known how old it was. I think from the 1600s. We also walked around a lot and did pretty much nothing. We purposely did not look at the map so we could wander around for awhile. We found a bunch of places to look at the mountains and hills. This town did not have a flat place anywhere! We were either walking up an incline of 30 degrees, or down the same angle. I got my workout for the day. I burnt all those calories just to drink a liter of coke and an icecream cone, but it was mandatory. I also learned this week that the average number of kids in Spain is 1,2 per person. In the states, it's 2,5. Normally the only time I see couples with more than one kid is when the kids are twins. I haven't seen a family with more than 3 kids either. The parents are also much older.

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