Monday, July 11, 2011

Almost Finished Planning!

Class for the first part. I learned how to count another way (there are two sets of numbers and this way is a lot easier than the first one we learned.) I learned how to ask how much something costs, and if they can give me a discount. This one is going to be very important.

Then the Lander girls got out of class 30 minutes early and we met the president of Dong-A University. He asked us what we thought of the program and what we were learning, and he gave us a watch as a gift. Here it’s very common to give gifts when meeting with someone and I felt bad because we did not realize we should have brought him a gift. It was very nice seeing him and the Vice President of International Affairs. They came to Lander the week we were leaving and it was to see them again and say thanks and that we are having a blast and learning so much!!

Then we practiced with our groups for the rest of the day because we are going to the kindergarten tomorrow for storytelling for the kids. Our group finished with plenty of time to spare, then we showed the other groups what we are doing. We have an animal theme, are telling stories with animals (like 3 Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood, etc.), singing Old McDonald Had a Farm, and then drawing their favorite animal. There are 5 foreigners and our buddies so it’s a large group so we can spread out and be with several kids each. I’m so excited!!

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