Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kindergarten and Haeundae Beach. Fun in the Sun at Haeun-dae. :)

Today we went to the kindergarden. It was so fun seeing all the little kids. There were 25 kids and we started off with the introduction. Some of them were saying “hello” in English and it was so adorable. We then split up into groups and started our stories. SuJin and I did Little Red Riding Hood and I think the kids really enjoyed it. We thought we only had an hour so each of us only read to 3 groups instead of 5 like we planned. We did a hide-and-go-seek story. There were 6 “animals” aka us with masks (me as a giraffe) and the “squirell” was trying to find us. The first time he said ready or not, here I come, all the kids got up and started going to us, and it was so adorable that I hated making them sit back down. They would point to the animals as the “squirrel” would find us. The very end, a hungry lion came, and we had to hide again so he wouldn’t eat us. The kids really liked that part.

Then we sang Old McDonald and it took awhile for the kids to catch on, but they liked making the animal noises. When we started wrapping up, our leader told us we had 30 more minutes, so we went back to the plan and did the stuff we thought we didn’t have time for. We played Simon says, or as they call it here Solomon says. Then we gave the kids paper and let them draw their favorite animal then we wrote the English word for them. We took pictures with all the kids and their pictures before we left.

In the kindergarden, all the kids took their shoes off before going in the building and it was so much better to have no shoes on. I like this tradition.

We then went to eat at Outback and it was Korean outback. I had a steak sandwich and 13 French fries. Yes,  I counted. And it had ketchup!!

Then we went to Haeundae Beach, the most famous beach in Korea. Since it was a school day, not a lot of people were there and the water was freezing but it felt so good since today was so hot. Korean women don’t really wear bathing suits, so we all stayed in our shorts and t-shirts. We then went to go eat supper then see a water fountain show. It was music playing with the fountain and there were different colored lights. It ws beautiful. We got back at around 9. I am currently washing some clothes and then going to bed. It’s nice to just sit in the dorm room and have nothing to do. We normally don’t have much time to do this, we’re so busy.

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  1. Lane,
    Sounds like you are having a great time. Is Busan what used to be Pusan? Do they still have the cherry blossom festival in Chinhae? If thye do, and you are there for it, be sure to go. It is beautiful. Have you seen a happy mountain yet? I felt the same way about kimchi, but I could not eat it! Glas you are enjoying it. Korean children are very cute and lovable. If you go to the DMZ, put you foot on the "Bridge of No Return." Do not pay asking price for anything. They want to argue with you.
    Enjoy. See you soon./ Dr. Ken