Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Learning to get around Busan

We started off today with Korean language. 3 hours of confusion. At least with learning Spanish, I can read it better. This is difficult but I can now recognize a few words. We learned how to introduce ourselves and say hello and thank you and a few other simple expressions like that. I have to use my “cheat sheet” of letters in my notebook to read it but I can read it, which is kinda cool.
Then we went down the mountain (yes, our university is built on a mountain and everything else is down, which makes it fun going down but then we have to climb the 103 steps back up to campus, which is getting easier every day). We ate in a little restaurant and I ate something which was basically a fried steak with barbeque sauce, and of course with rice. It was delicious and it cost about $3. Every Korean thing is so cheap. It’s only when I get American things that it starts to get expensive (like Pizza Hut, Baskin Robbins, coke, etc.)
Then we had a lecture on Korean politics. I was interested from the get-go to listen to this but it was amazing. I have never been a history person but learning that Koreans have been invaded by their neighbors over 900 times but have never invaded another country is amazing. We learned about who is in government, the unstability of it, the political parties and some of their conflicting ideologies. The setup is basically the same except there are more than just 2 main parties and the parties keep getting switched every few years so one party will do one thing then when another party rules, it changes everything and starts back at ground zero. Kinda like us, I guess ;)
Then we got in our groups and worked on our storytelling. I made a giraffe, and I have to say it’s pretty awesome. SuJin and I also make finger puppets for our story on Little Red Riding Hood. (I’ll post pictures later)
We got in pretty late and went to bed. I feel like we are going to be doing so many amazing things, I won’t care if I don’t get a lot of sleep. I’m drinking coffee here, something I never do, and it’s cool how awake I get for class.

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