Thursday, July 7, 2011


First three hours of the day: class. I feel like I am learning so much that my brain almost hurts. I am retaining some of it, and everyday I feel a little more confidant. I can read a little bit faster, but only a syllable at a time, and I never know what it means. I’m trying not to write the pronunciation in English because I don’t want to get dependent of it. So it takes me longer than most of the class but I hopefully will learn it faster this way.

The Dong-A University Tae-Kwon-Do team is doing a production of NonGilDong,  their version of Robin Hood. So the Americans and English dubbed it for the foreigners that are going to be listening. We went into a sound room and read over it until we sounded normal. It was hilarious!! The monotonic voices not realizing they sounded unenthusiastic, the quietest people (aka Allie) speaking with such authority, the hilarious laughs, the mistakes, etc. It took over 3 hours until we sounded good enough, but it was so much fun and didn’t seem like long at all.

Since we got done early, we went to Na-pil-Dong (if I spelled that anything like it’s supposed to be). It’s a large outside market. Think a flea market with food and clothes and anything else you can think of. All of us, the Americans and English and Koreans went and had a blast. I didn’t buy anything but it was cool to see everything. We got hungry after a while and went to a restaurant and had bulgogi, thin strips of steak you cook yourself in front of you. This is my favorite Korean food. I expected it to be around $10-15 but when they gave us the bill and divided it up, it was only $4 each! I ate steak, rice, salad, soju, and coke for only $4. That never happens in the US. The food was delicious and I was full. But of course we had to go for ice cream when we got back ;)  An excellent day to end any day.

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